The Unofficial Guide to Vehicles and Mounts of Athas


This guide is made in the hopes of defining a dimension in the Dark Sun world that was never fully explored. Athas is a savage world where monsters stalk the sands and pring out from behind the dunes. What better feast could it be for them that a good helping of slow, weak creatures with soft pink skin?

In Athas, more than in any other world do peasants, and adventurers alike, need to travel in vehicles and mounts. To carry the amount of water needed to go for several days would slow a person down to a halt. Raiders and beast wait along trade routes for the most ill-prepared of travellers. The perils of travelling across Athas is endless. In a safe and wooded environment, a man can hike from one city to another with fully assured of is own safety, but in Athas, that kind of a journey is suicidal. The only chance travellers and cargo have is to either protect themselves with speed or armour.

Traversing the Sands details ten of the many different kinds of transport that can be found in Athas. From massive siege engines to shoes that help run on the Sea of Silt and mounts that can take you soaring intothe air above. This first release covers it all.

This material can be adapted to be used in other campaign worlds as well. Several articles have been expanded from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the Desert and Terrors Beyond Tyr.

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