What's new on this site?

04 February 2003 Here is a chart for Athasian heat
06 January 2003 I have drawed the maps of North and South Ledopolus. They can be found here.
04 January 2003 Happy new year! ARGL ! No updated since the beginning of december, because my Internet provider was crashed.
11 December 2002 Added more than 10 new sites to the links page
4 December 2002 Complete update of the Trader (See .pdf)
24 July 2002 New : Pterrax Rider PrC
02 June 2002 New : Rhal Hunter PrC
Modification to the Trader and Trader PrC
17 February 2002 I am changing a little bit the web formatting in order to see the 3e edition
New: Trader, Trader PrC et Feats
6 January 2002 New 3ed monsters conversion section : Crodlu
12 August 2001 Ten new sites on the links page.
11 June 2001 The links page as been updated.
6 February 2001 The Changing Lands site as been added to the link page.
19 october 2000 Four news french sites are add to the links sections (the fifth is mine).
24 august 2000 An all new updated site. It now have an english side. Though there isnt much stuff in english now, the frame of the page is done. My fine darksun link page is updated as well with tons of sites.

Whatever, this darksun list should be updated more frequently (thanks god!).

Sébastien Gamache