Rhal hunter


Since the beginning of all age there as been hunter. To hunt for food or for foes, itÍs been a business for generation. Many tribes, clans, outsiders or even cities have developed their way of hunting, their techniques. Some of those techniques have proven themselves more efficient than others. Of course, it isnÍt the result of luck, but the result of numerous factors such as races, environment, etc. Generally, most hunters begin in the same way, with the same technique. With experiences, depending on the place, races and environment, they develop particular skills of their own. Oba Halfling hunters were named Judaga. Though, I will use their name in order to centralize all the type of hunting those Halfling might know. Too, another path to take will be the desert hunter path. Elves tribes know this kind of training. As you will see, you will need to be part of any Halfling clan or elven tribe in order to learn more from the expert hunt.


Adventures:       Most Rhal hunters adventure for a chance to show what he does well; hunting. They are always looking for the perfect trap or a new way to chase down is foes. While some only look to be good at what they are doing, others will be looking for profit, as they know well how to track and hunt peoples or creatures.


Characteristics:       The Rhal hunter always seems to be alert. They do not wish to get caught unprepared, so they are particularly annoying when it comes to preparation. ItÍs a dishonor to be surprised, itÍs why they always tend to find a way to lead peoples in the way they want.


Alignment:        Rhal hunters can be of any alignment. They hunt for their own reasons. They hunt they way they like.


Religion:            Rhal hunter doesnÍt have any special worship. They tend to be careful to the land, as they have learned how to hunt there and might still hunt there.


Background:      Most of the Rhal hunters have been ranger. The Rhal hunter way is a great improvement for they ability to hunt down and track. Brute and rogue have been seen to take that way as well for the same reasons.


Races:                 All races can possibly become a Rhal hunter. Aarakocras, Half-giant and Thri-Kreens cannot take the Judaga path for trivial reasons; they do not fit the forest space or humidity. Halfling have hard time with the Desert path because of their size. Aarakocras canÍt benefit from the movement bonus while flying. It should be nearly impossible to become a Judaga hunter if you arenÍt Halfling and Desert hunter if you arenÍt Elf.


Other Classes:  Others peoples see the Rhal hunter as an opportunity to find and ambush their opponents or to find peoples whom they have lost track. As for the Rhal hunter himself, he is comfortable if itÍs to work alone or with others depending if he can decide most tactics while hunting or preparing for anything special regarding hunt.



Game Rule Information



To qualify to become a Rhal hunter, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

         Alignment:         All

         Skills:                5 ranks in Spot, 5 ranks in Listen, 3 ranks in search, 5 ranks in Wilderness lore

         Feats:                 Alertness


Rhal hunters have the following game statistics.


Abilities:        Constitution is the most important ability for Rhal hunters because it helps them survive to hostile environment. Dexterity is an important part of the Rhal hunter as well since they often need to rely on their ability to hide, cover and evade surprise attack.


Hit Die:          d8


Class Skills


The Rhal hunter's class skills are the same as the Ranger class skills.


Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int mod) x 4.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.


Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Rhal hunter prestige class.


Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Same as Ranger.


Weapon focus:                 At the first level, you gain +1 to your attack with a chosen range weapon as per PhB Feats.


Hunter instincts:             Rhal hunters have accurate and precise senses. At 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th level, the Rhal hunters add a +1 to is Spot and Listen check.


Weapon specialization: At 3rd level, as per PhB Feats, the selected weapon is the one chosen with the Weapon focus at level 1 of this PrC.


Perfect eyes:                    Your mathematical eyes always seem to find a way to advantage you, while trying to shoot a covered foe. Your foe cover is reduced by one half (20% less of miss chance).


Special training (Judaga: Halflings)

Camouflage:                    Your abilities to make yourself undetectable in a verdant area give you a +2 bonus everywhere at your Hide check and a +8 Hide check in verdant belt and forest (these bonuses stack when in a verdant belt or forest and stack with any other bonuses you might have).


Cover specialist:              You learned to use the terrain to your advantage when peoples are shooting at you. You get a quarter cover when trying to cover or when cover.


Fluid movement:             Your abilities to make yourself as light and deftly as possible give you a +3 on your Move silently check everywhere and a +7 in verdant belt and forest (these bonuses stack when in a verdant belt or forest and stack with any other bonuses you might have).


Stinging missile:            A Judaga hunter always know where to find poison to put on is missile. Each round, he may apply poison and a missile and do an attack with is highest roll. Though, while doing that, he cannot shoot more than one missile per 2 round while applying poison (you can do whatever you like in the round between the other two). When you roll for a poison, you have found enough to supply you for a week and you cannot find any other poison until the week is finished. See Table 3.16 for poisons as per DMG (p. 80). You only can roll for Injury poison, which is a d12 to select the poison found.


Special training (Desert: Elves)

Trained feet:                    You learned how to optimize your every steps, never to put a feet where you donÍt need to. With that ability, you can add +5 to your base speed everywhere but in town and forest.


Dark Shades:                   In the night, you almost feel the shadows around you. Instead of having Æ4 penalty to attack, when attacking in the darkness, you only get Æ2.


Crawling attack:             Your knowledge of ambushing and attacking while your foe doesnÍt see you made your learn how to shoot with no penalty when laying down or sitting.


Fast trigger:                     You are an artist of the rope. Your fingers move so fast that you manage to get a partial action after a full attack. All your attack gets a Æ2 to the attack roll and you canÍt use t hat partial action for another attack.



TABLE 1-1: The Rhal hunter

Lvl      BAB                Fort     Ref      Will    Special

1          +1                   +2        +0       +0       Weapon focus

2          +1                   +3        +0       +0       Hunter instincts

3          +2                   +3        +1       +1       Weapon specialization

4          +2                   +4        +1       +1       Hunter instincts

5          +3                   +4        +1       +1       Perfect eyes


Special training (Judaga: Halflings)

6          +4                   +5        +2       +2       Camouflage

7          +5                   +5        +2       +2       Hunter instincts

8          +6/+1              +6        +3       +3       Cover specialist

9          +7/+2              +6        +3       +3       Hunter instincts, Fluid movement

10        +8/+3              +7        +4       +4       Stinging missile


Special training (Desert: Elves)

6          +4                   +5        +2       +2       Trained feet

7          +5                   +5        +2       +2       Hunter instincts

8          +6/+1              +6        +3       +3       Dark Shades

9          +7/+2              +6        +3       +3       Hunter instincts, Crawling attack

10        +8/+3              +7        +4       +4       Fast trigger