All have wished, one day, to be wealthy and rich. There is a place where those dream can become true. Though, not everyone can see is dream fulfilled. You must either have born a trader child and have been raise among trader or have working hard to get the favor of some influent peoples and pledge loyalty to a merchant house. Traders tend to see themselves as the blood of a town; they know they are essential to the good health of a city. So itÍs why they often are distant to popper, freemen, shop merchants and of course slaves. They place themselves in higher standards than those peoples. Eventually, they can become so important in a town that a word from them can drive the whole city looking for particular goods. The price of things get drop or raise fast. Of course they have to still be careful of what they are doing as Templars wish to keep their town healthy and sane.


Adventures:       Most traders adventure for profit or to have a chance to conduct business. Some dream of new deals with unknown races or cities. Others look to rise higher among the merchant house influent peoples.


Characteristics:       The keys abilities of the trader are to trick peoples into business. That way is he going to make some profits. The trader is usually looking for a diplomatic way to resolve things and use is subtlety to ensure is purse to be heavy as possible.


Alignment:        Traders cannot be chaotic. They are disciplined and loyal to their merchant house. They can be evil, neutral or good. ItÍs never been said how you have to deal with your business!


Religion:            Their religion is the merchant house they work for. They pledge obedience and loyalty to this entity.


Background:      Some might have been burglar, then, seen it would be more profitable to be in a merchant house, they enrolled themselves. Some others might have born within a merchant family. Others might have learned the hard way of trading for survival off the city limits.


Races:                 All races may be trader. From the mysterious pterran to the non-humanoid thri-kreen, all wish to make profit someday. Only the half-giant, which are somewhat less intelligent and wise, have difficulties (and due to their height) to be accepted by merchant house.


Other Classes:  They see their group as an opportunity to conduct special business for their merchant house. So trader tend to see the peoples he is adventuring with as potential clients or partners with which he can do some profits.



Game Rule Information


Traders have the following game statistics.


Abilities:        Charisma is the most important ability for traders because it helps with relationship, diplomacy and intimidation. Wisdom is also important for itÍs the way a trader will learn to smell the good deal. Intelligence, at last, will be important for trader to improve a business or relationship.


Alignment:    All but chaotic.

Hit Die:          d6


Class Skills


The trader's class skills (and key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Decipher script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Forgery (Int), Gather information (Cha), Handle animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Intuit direction (Wis), Knowledge (Merchant House) (Int), Knowledge (Mercantilism) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Open lock (Dex), Pick pocket (Dex), Read lips (Int), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense motive (Wis), Speak Language (None), Spot (Wis), Use Magic device (Cha) and Use Psionic device (Cha). See the Chapter 4: Skills for skill descriptions.


Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + Int mod) x 4.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.


Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Trader.


Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A traderÍs weapon training focuses on weapon that can be easily concealable. Thus, traders are proficient with crossbow (hand or light), dagger (any type), dart, sling, light mace, sap, shortbow (normal or composite), and short sword. They usually wear light armor, but due to their travel on high road, they need to protect themselves well. They can wear light and medium armor.


Allegiance: At is first level; the trader must decide if he joins a merchant house. Therefore, he must pledge obedience and loyalty to the one he chose. Desertion and treachery are to be treated with caution, because it can lead to torture and death. If the trader stay in line with is house, he can find wealth and protection. Though, if you decide to conduct your own business, you wont have neither all the facilities a merchant house can offer nor the trouble of leaving your own business and start another.


Depending on which merchant house you decide to work for or if you decide to be on your own, you receive three facilities; one at level 5, one at level 11 and the other at level 17.


House Inika

Merchant insight: At level 5, you are so gifted at finding the good deal that all purchase you will ever does will cost 10% less.

Subtle business: At level 11, you gain +4 to your diplomacy skill for being extremely convincing.

Escape route: At level 17, you have all authority over Fort Adros, Fort Harbeth, Fort Skonz and Shazlim village.


House MÍke

True eye: At level 5, the trader of House MÍke learns better than any other the value of goods. He therefore gains a +2 on Appraise skill and +1 at Bluff (help making peoples believe doesnÍt worth what you are about to pay it).

Long-term contract: At level 11, the merchant conducts at lucrative long-term deal that will bring him a profit of 2d4+2 gold coins per month.

Warehouse: At level 17, the merchant house gives you a Warehouse in any liked town. ItÍs a warehouse they had forgotten. When you take possession of it, you can see by yourself that it as a couple of soldiers guarding it (that probably never took a look inside) and that it is huge (150Í by 300Í). And more, all the goods that are inside is your (since they forgot about it). There is standard goods, food, pieces of furniture and 5 chests that it is up to your DM to decide the content. There should be at least 3 magical items that are not scrolls or fruits potions.


House Shom

Advanced Forgery: At level 5, you become so skilled at doing false document that you gain a +2 at your Forgery skill. Creating document often lead in a better understanding of unknown writing, which give a +1 on Decipher script.

Special spy: At level 11, you have a well-placed spy in a chosen Merchant House. He can provide you information about whatever you wish. There is a tiny change that he might be revealed, but your DM should consider the spy really well infiltrated.

Gloomy deal: At level 17, you have given enough ñpots de vinî to a particular templar that he will ear everything you will tell him with ñgreatî interest and in most occasion, follow your wish. Your ñpaidî templar is a minimum level 12 so it can have some real importance when looking for a particular assistance.


House Stel

Brutal commerce: At level 5, the Stel trader knows how to intimidate clients and others traders. He so receives a +2 bonus to Intimidation skills. You also gain a +1 in Gather information.

Request soldiers: At level 11, for the purpose of business within your Merchant House, you can request that some soldiers are reassigned somewhere else with not much proof of what you will be doing with them.

Caravan authority: At level 17, you gain possession of a heavy armored caravan with all human need that comes with. And more, are you know, the city of Urik is closed and not much peoples can leave or enter like they wish. So, you become trusted by the templars and the Sorcerer-King to enter and leave the city as you likes, without questions.


House Tsalaxa

Mailman: At level 5, House Tsalaxa gives you a mailman. An elf or a crodlu rider that will deliver from city to city all the messages you wish.

Shadowy habits: At level 11, as all good agent of House Tsalaxa, you know the art of being unnoticed. You then gain a +2 to Hide skill and a +2 to Listen check.

Elven favor: At level 17, an elven tribe owes you a favor. Directly or indirectly, you helped them with something important and your name as been pronounced. Then, once the favor had been done, the tribe stays in your dept and favorable to you.


House Vordon

Wealthy hope: At level 5, the trader goes back see all peoples to which he as lend money. It was always a bit there and a ceramic there. It was always minimal so itÍs why it never changed the personal wealth of the trader. So, looking from when he was young to is 5th level of trader and profit he might have made, he receive a 1d4+2 gold coins for each month spend to collect it (for a maximum of 5 months. He can spend these months when he wishes, but this must be a complete month.

Gossips: At level 11, a trader at House Vordon become well skilled in finding the information he wishes. He so gain a +4 on is Gather information skill.

Family deal: At level 17, you are being elected by Thaxos Vordon (head trader of the house) as is right hand, with all opportunity and trouble it might occur.


House Wavir

Personal Glory: At level 5, you become to be known in Balic, Gulg and Nibenay. Your renowned help you to deal business in those three towns with a +2 to diplomacy and give you the feeling that you can do great things (which give you a +2 in one profession you know).

Notoriety: At level 11, you are well known in Balic, Gulg and Nibenay as you have conducted many lucrative deals with mastermind. You are well seen in the higher spheres of these towns and well known among the common men and traders almost as a star (everyone wish to be you!)

Silt Skimmer gift: At level 17, since you served well the House, you are been given a Medium size Silk Skimmer ship and the crew that come with. You have been given a free entrance to all know (but few) ports.


Other house

The minor merchants houses and the elf merchantÍs houses will be treated, as having is own business to determine is facilities.

Improvisation: At level 5, as you often wander alone the waste, you must improvise when dealing with encounter. You gain +1 at Sense Motive and +1 at Bluff skill check.

Mounted Abilities: At level 11, you gain the Mounted combat feats. While traveling between cities, the fastest way of traveling is with a mount, so knowing a little about your mount is the best you can do.

Fastest route: At level 17, you know so well how to optimize your travel between cities that you can consider all peoples and things with you moving at 33% more speed. You also gain a +3 on intuit direction.


Lucky gift:            At is first level, the trader, in order to be seen as a businessman in the eyes of Merchant House, does an incredible deal.

Benefit:            The trader rolls himself a minor magical item on the table 8-2 (p.179 PHB).


Fantastic Deal:    A trader always gets a hand on something special one day or another.

Benefit:            At level 1, 3rd and every three levels thereafter they can roll a fantastic discovery on the table 1.1.


TABLE 1-1: Fantastic Deal

                                               Treasure by rank

1            3                 6                 9                 12               15               18               Treasure

01-50     -                 -                  -                  -                 -                  -                  2d6+8 silver

51-70     01-40         -                  -                  -                 -                  -                  1d8+2 gold

71-80     41-60         01-30          -                  -                 -                  -                  3d6+2 gold

81-90     61-70         31-45          01-25          -                 -                  -                  4d10+10 gold

91-95     71-80         46-60          26-40          01-20         -                  -                  1d4+1 fruit potions

96-97     81-90         61-70          41-55          21-35         01-10          -                  1d2+1 scrolls

98-99     91-95         71-80          56-70          35-50         11-20          01-10              Wondrous Item

00          96-98         81-90          71-80          51-65         21-30          11-20          Wand

              99-00         91-95          81-90          66-75         31-40          21-30          Weapon

                                 96-00          91-95          76-85         41-50          31-40          Armor

                                                    96-00          86-95         51-70          41-50          Staff

                                                                       96-00         71-90          51-60          Ring

                                                                                          91-00          61-80          Rod

                                                                                                             81-00          A magic item and a chosen item with DM approval


At level 1 and 3, all magical item acquired that way is minor. At level 6 and 9, the items are medium and at level 12, 15 and 18, they are major. It is always possible for a high level trader to get something from the table he can no longer have to trade it for is roll.


Example:    Artag just leveled to the 15th rank. He then can roll on the table. Though, he doesnÍt wish to roll, so he can take 2d6+8 silver coins, 1d8+2 gold coins, 3d6+2 gold coins, 4d10+10 gold coins or 1d4 fruit potions.


Agent:              While conducting the fantastic deal of level 3, the trader finds a trustworthy agent. At is level 8, 13 and 18, other special agents are attracted by the charisma (and wealth) of the trader. And of course, itÍs not just some smiling commoners. The trader roll on the sub table below to see what kind of agent wishes to join him. Add 5%/level of trader achieved.


TABLE 1-2: Agent

            Trader level

8          13        18        Agent

01-15    01-10    01-02    NPC (1d4+2 level)

16-30    11-20    03-05    NPC with two classes (1d4+3 level)

31-45    21-30    06-10    Belgo¥*

46-60    31-40    11-15    Kenku*

61-70    41-50    16-20    NPC (1d4+5 level)

71-80    51-60    21-30    Ssurran*

81-85    61-70    31-40    Tohr-Kreen*

86-90    71-80    41-55    NPC with two classes (1d4+7 level)

91-95    81-90    56-70    Pseudodragon

96-98    91-95    71-85    NPC with 3 classes (1d4+10 level)

99-00    96-00    86-00    Roll on table 1-3

TABLE 1-3: Exceptional situation

Roll    Situation

01-20  Friendship with a Thri-Kreen pack

21-40  Friendship with a elven tribe

41-60  Friendship with a halflings tribes

61-80  Friendship with a slaves tribe

81-95  Outerplane creature service

96-00  Sorcerer-King favor


*These creatures are treated as if they had a class. You roll 1d4+3 levels for the Belgo¥ and Kenku and 1d4+5 levels for the Ssurran and Tohr-Kreen.

**Templar is treated as a 10 levels templar.


Optional rule :     Instead of having agents, upon reaching level 3, the Trader gain the Leadership Feat as per DMG (instead of having it only been able to take it at level 6), since he know more than other how to gather agents and cohorts.


Learn language:    At is 4th, 9th and 14th levels, the trader learn, without taking any skills, new form of communication, in order to help him deal business with as much species as possible.


Bonus Feats:    The trader gains a bonus feat at 2nd level, at 4th level and every four levels thereafter. These bonus feats must be drawn from the following list: Alertness, Iron will, Mounted combat, Mounted archery, Ride-by attack, Quickdraw, Run, Contact, Faster steed, Investigation, Loyal mind, Persuasiveness and Privilege. [[Add to list new Dark Sun feats as appropriate]]


Some of the bonus feats available to a trader cannot be acquired until the trader has gained one or more prerequisite feats; these feats are listed parenthetically after the prerequisite feat. Trader must still meet all prerequisites for a feat, including ability score. (See the Player's Handbook, Chapter 5: Feats for descriptions of feats and their prerequisites.)


Important: These feats are in addition to the feat that a character of any class gets every three levels (as per Table 3-2: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefits in the Player's Handbook). The trader is not limited to the list given here when choosing those feats.


TABLE 1-4: The Trader

Lvl      BAB                F          R         W        Special

1          +0                   +0        +2       +2       Allegiance, fantastic deal, lucky gift

2          +1                   +0        +3       +3       Bonus feat

3          +2                   +1        +3       +3       Fantastic deal, agent

4          +3                   +1        +4       +4       Bonus feat, learn language

5          +3                   +1        +4       +4       Allegiance

6          +4                   +2        +5       +5       Fantastic deal

7          +5                   +2        +5       +5      

8          +6/+1              +2        +6       +6       Bonus feat, agent

9          +6/+1              +3        +6       +6       Fantastic deal, learn language

10        +7/+2              +3        +7       +7      

11        +8/+3              +3        +7       +7       Allegiance

12        +9/+4              +4        +8       +8       Fantastic deal, bonus feat

13        +9/+4              +4        +8       +8       Agent

14        +10/+5            +4        +9       +9       Learn language

15        +11/+6/+1       +5        +9       +9       Fantastic deal, bonus feat

16        +12/+7/+2       +5        +10     +10     Bonus feat

17        +12/+7/+2       +5        +10     +10     Allegiance

18        +13/+8/+3       +6        +11     +11     Fantastic deal, agent

19        +14/+9/+4       +6        +11     +11    

20        +15/+10/+5     +6        +12     +12     Bonus feat


Trader Feats


Contact [Trader only]

You gain a special informant in a selected town. Is loyalty is unquestionable.

Prerequisite:   7 rank in the trader class and 10 ranks in Gather information

Benefit:            .It is a level 3 NPC and you will need to decide the race, the class and is abilities. You are the one that will choose it.

Special:            Each time you take this feat, you must choose another town.


Faster steed [General]

You know how to treat well your mount and how to improve is performance.

Prerequisite:   4 ranks in Handle animal skill (mean 8 skill points)

Benefit:            Your mount get +10 to is base movement and two temporary hit dies.

Special:            Taking this feat give you a +2 to ride skill.


Investigation [Trader, Rogue only]

You are exceptional at searching any information.

Prerequisite:   Must have the feat Skill focus for one of the following skills: Disguise, gather information and Listen.

Benefit:            Give you a +2 bonus on Disguise, Gather information and Listen.


Loyal mind [Trader only]

A trader loyalty and obedience to is Merchant House is so strong that someone trying to divert him from this principal pledge will have a harder time to convert him.

Prerequisite:   Iron will feat

Benefit:            You get a +2 bonus to all Will saving throws.

Special:            This +2 bonus stack with Iron will bonus.


Persuasiveness [Trader only]

A trader knows extremely well how to convince someone.

Prerequisite:   3 rank in the trader class

Benefit:            It give a +3 to Diplomacy skill and + 3 to Intimidate skill.

Special:            If you have 8 ranks in Intimidate and Diplomacy, it gives you a +2 synergy to your Sense Motive check.


Privilege [Trader only]

Once upon a time, a trader, for all the profit is made for is Merchant House and for all those years of service, see himself rewarded by a medium magic item.

Prerequisite:   12 level in the trader class

Benefit:            At level 12 and all subsequent level, the trader is rewarded by a medium magic item.

Special:            You roll on table 1.1 Fantastic deals.